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E-SHOP so systémom VirtueMart

Web site WEBSHOP

Rating: 5/5
Creating an E-SHOP internet shop website.
Manufacturer: holdysoftware
1920,00 €
Sales price without tax 1600,00 €
Tax amount 320,00 €
DPH 20%
Doplnkové služby (ceny v tejto časti sú uvedené bez DPH) | Additional services
Ak potrebujete doménu:
Doména SK (+11,00 €)
Ak potrebujete hostingovú službu:
Hosting (+57,50 €)
Ak potrebujete optimalizáciu pre Google:
SEO (+291,60 €)
Platobné brány:
TrustPay (+33,33 €)
TrustCardi (+33,33 €)
TatraPay (+33,33 €)
eCARD VUB (+33,33 €)
CardPay (+33,33 €)
Quatro (+33,33 €)
Homecredit (+33,33 €)
GSPay (+33,33 €)
QWIPI (+100,00 €)
Doplnky pre E-SHOP:
Reklamačný systém (+50,00 €)
Odpočet DPH (+20,00 €)
Vlastné číslovanie objednávok (+20,00 €)
Prepojenie s Google Analytics (+40,00 €)
Meranie konverzii pre Google Analytics (+150,00 €)
Prepojenie tovarov so sociálnymi sieťami (+20,00 €)
Špeciálne filtre pre produkty (na základe parametrov tovaru) (+150,00 €)
XML FEED (pre internetové porovnávače cien) (+100,00 €)
Multijazyčný E-SHOP (vo vybraných EU jazykoch) (+100,00 €)
YouTube (video u tovaru) (+33,33 €)

Web site type internet shop

Web site creation service (at basic price) for online store includes

  • A CMS Joomla 4 Web application that will allow you to manage this web page from the administration interface in a modern way
  • Web application for E-SHOP management on the VirtueMart 4 platform
  • Responsive commercial design web site with modern internet technologies with great presentation capabilities
  • Basic SEO Service
  • Advertising system
  • Payment ONLINE plugins of selected foreign banks
  • Complaint system
  • Plugin for deducting VAT for sales of goods to foreign companies registered for VAT in the EU
  • Hire purchase through Home Credit, and Quatro

Web site functionality (at basic price) type internet shop

  • Unlimited quantity of products
  • An unlimited number of categories and subcategories
  • Multi-lingual store (with Google translation technology)
  • Catalog mode
  • Customer rating
  • Shares and discounts (time, unlimited in percentage, or directly in euros)
  • Creating different customer groups based on predefined discounts (group with 20% discount, group with 30% discount ...)
  • Differential display of prices
  • Daily sales statistics
  • Set different prices for sold goods (EUR, USD, CZK, PLN ...)
  • Modular business extensions - module for display of product categories, module for display of shopping cart, module for display of recently added goods, module for display of product manufacturers, module for display of randomly selected goods, module for searching, module for display of best selling products
  • Different modes of transport
  • Different payments for transportation
  • Coupons and Discounts
  • Support for different VAT values
  • Search mechanism for goods
  • E-mail order confirmation, e-mail notification for new order
  • Automatic inventory tracking and low inventory notification
  • Simple billing system for generating promo invoices

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mail e-mail holdysoftware
Business name: Ing.Ondrej Holdy holdysoftware
ID: 41777140,  VAT: SK1071879072
Address: Martina Benku 13, 953 01 Zlate Moravce, Slovakia

Supervisory authority: Slovak Trade Inspection.
Customer may claim a CLIENT ZONE Complaint form or submit a complaint through of the client's ticketing system.

Support for web pages

Supervisory authority: Slovak Trade Inspection.
Customer may claim a CLIENT ZONE Complaint form or submit a complaint through of the client's ticketing system.

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