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Advertiser portal web page

Rating: 4/5
Creating a website like an advertising portal.
Manufacturer: holdysoftware
1440,00 €
Sales price without tax 1200,00 €
Tax amount 240,00 €
DPH 20%
Doplnkové služby (ceny v tejto časti sú uvedené bez DPH) | Additional services
Ak potrebujete doménu:
Doména SK (+12,00 €)
Ak potrebujete hostingovú službu:
Hosting (+60,00 €)
Ak potrebujete optimalizáciu pre Google:
SEO (+400,00 €)
Doplnky k systému:
Fakturačný systém (generovanie faktúr za platby) (+400,00 €)
Antispamová ochrana (CATCHA) (+10,00 €)
Hromadný Import - Export inzercie (XML FEED) (+130,00 €)
Predplatné členstvo (systém predplatného pre inzerenta) (+100,00 €)
Jazyková mutácia(pre európske jazyky) (+100,00 €)
Platobné brány:
Platba mobilom(alebo naprogramovanie inej plat. brány) (+160,00 €)
Platba VISA kartami (VUBTatra banka TrustCard PesaPal MyPAY PayPal alebo naprogramovanie inej plat. brány) (+200,00 €)
Platba cez internet banking (TrustPay alebo naprogramovanie inej plat. brány ) (+300,00 €)

Advertiser portal web page

The site creation service for the ad portal includes

  • The CMS Joomla Web Application, which will allow you to manage such a portal from the administration interface in a modern way
  • Web application for dynamic management of advertising activityi
  • Responsive commercial design web site with modern Internet technologies with great presentation skillsi
  • Basic SEO Service
  • Advertising system

Functionality of a web site of the type of advertising portal

  • The system of advertising has a payment system, meaning that an advertiser can place an ad for free, or can pay for various service packages (so-called heating). The user who activates a paid service pack has an overview of what package of services he has purchased, how much he has paid for, because he learns all of this information from his active account
  • ONLINE payments for PayPal, SMS payments, TrustPay internet banking
  • Unregistered users and registered users who can join the system can also place an advert (it is possible to place an ad even without registration and later edit it based on the key received)
  • The system can show region-based advertising. So it may (and may not) show other ads, for example, for Prešov, and other advertisements, for example, for Bratislava (according to the key that is defined when inserting an advertisement, for which region the ad is designated)
  • Multi-level categorization of advertising (unlimited number of categories)
  • For each ad category, it is possible to assign an additional field - for example, additional fields for auto advertising, such as engine power, vehicle color, and house type advertising - number of rooms, size in square meters, number of floors, The system allows you to create as many additional fields as possible for each category
  • The system can display a map showing the location (for example, for real estate advertising) using Google Maps
  • Excellent SEO support - Every ad can be defined from a SEO perspective by META tags and keywords, which increases the chances of searching for example in Google
  • The system has the ability to filter out spurious words (if they were advertised)
  • The system allows the visitor to send a complaint to the administrator, for example, if an advert that opposes good morals or a fraudulent advertisement
  • The site has banner or text ads
  • The system has antispam protection (CAPTCHA)
  • Link advertising with social networks
  • The option to choose different currencies in EUR, USD, GBP, PLN ...) depending on who advertises and what menu he / she uses
  • A full-text search engine, and a detailed search engine based on the various parameters you choose in the administration (search based on parameters you specify, such as postcode, number of rooms, for example, for real estate, or engine power for car advertisements ...)
  • A registered advertiser has its own menus on the system to see all the inserted ads, their expiration dates, purchased packages...

For an extra charge

  • Billing system - The system generates invoices for advertisers' remittances (for example, from heating or otherwise highlighted advertising). Invoices for their payments are then available to the advertiser to download in PDF format in their advertising account
  • Subscription Membership System - Allows an advertiser to purchase a prepaid membership status that can be used to define, for example, the number of prepaid advertisements and other options. It is possible to create several subscriptions at different price levels
  • SEO optimization for Google
  • Time-independent, advertiser-accentuated advertising system (meaning the advertiser determines how many days his ad is to be highlighted)
  • Various language mutations of the advertising system
  • A system for direct sales (so called mini e-shop) in which an advertiser can directly sell, for example, advertised goods to a number of pricing items. Subsequently, the advertiser will display the information and purchases of the clients he / she subsequently serves in his / her advertising account. The seller must have a PayPal merchant account as payment for the purchase is made ONLINE directly to the advertiser's PayPal account. For the purchase, it is possible to enter the price of a different shipping system (it is possible to define different carriers and their prices) and therefore the shipping price is added to the resulting purchase price.


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Ondrej Holdy

Ondrej Holdy


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Business name: Ing.Ondrej Holdy holdysoftware
ID: 41777140,  VAT: SK1071879072
Address: Martina Benku 13, 953 01 Zlate Moravce, Slovakia

Supervisory authority: Slovak Trade Inspection.
Customer may claim a CLIENT ZONE Complaint form or submit a complaint through of the client's ticketing system.

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Supervisory authority: Slovak Trade Inspection.
Customer may claim a CLIENT ZONE Complaint form or submit a complaint through of the client's ticketing system.

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