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Take advantage of our services. We offer this service to all interested people who want to upgrade their website and go to the CMS Joomla!

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Webmaster services

Guaranteed service. We offer the service for all Joomla CMS sites!

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We offer a wide range of technical support, paid advice, reliability, experience and truly Slovak individual approach. Our clientele is expanding. Add yourself. WHO WE ARE?

Náš tím spolupracníkovPeople for people

We give our people work because the money should stay in Slovakia.


Holdysoftware - slovenský softvérSlovak software

We create software for Slovakia. We create applications for the business development of Slovakia.


Prices of holdysoftware servicesSlovak Prizes

Our prices reflect the purchasing power in Slovakia and provide added value.



We are flexible. We also work at public holidays and weekends if you need it.


We offer

New web pages

We create a new website on Joomla !


Modernization of web pages

We upgrade the outdated website into the Joomla! World platform.



We are programming Slovak web applications for the Joomla! Platform.


Webmaster services

We offer services for managing your website on Joomla !.


Some projects
we're proud of


Clinical Incidents Reporting System (C.I.R.S.)

A web app designed to record, manage, and archive unwanted events in a technical intranet intranet site.



Organizational, registration system for shooting competitions

A web app designed for organizing shooting events.


Official Board

Official Board

A web app designed for posting contracts, invoices, and orders.


Client support system

Systém klientskej podpory

Web application designed for client support system (ticket system, credit system, license purchase system).



Clients with whom
we were honored to cooperate
Svet Zdravia a.s Inovicom estilofina Slováci žijúci vo Švajčiarsku

Slovak web applications for CMS Joomla

  • office_board_invoice_edit7
    360,00 €

    The component allows you to publish contracts, invoices and orders on the website with Joomla CMS system.

  • PayBySquare Joomla
    24,00 €

    PAY by square is the standard for payment QR code. It allows you to receive payments with this QR code in the entire network of banks. We have prepared a plugin for you that can be implemented for your website with CMS Joomla 3 or Joomla 4.

  • Website traffic statistics with CMS Joomla 4
    74,00 €

    A system for measuring the traffic of your website (if your website is built on the CMS Joomla technology) directly in the CMS Joomla environment. If you find the use of third-party applications (such as Google Analytics) too complicated to measure the traffic of your website you need to know (and if you expressly do not need extensive analysis, conversion services for the purpose of Internet advertising - and your website is not specifically focused on a commercial level - for example, E-SHOP), or you do not want a third party to "explicitly monitor and analyze your traffic" this is a way to quickly, easily and sufficiently dispose of information about the traffic of your own website.

  • WhatsApp Chat Widget Joomla
    12,00 €

    Module for the Joomla 3,4 and 5 system, enabling client communication via WhatsApp Chat with your selected employees.

WhatsApp Chat

Ondrej Holdy

Ondrej Holdy


Visit: holdysoftware.eu
mail e-mail holdysoftware
Business name: Ing.Ondrej Holdy holdysoftware
ID: 41777140,  VAT: SK1071879072
Address: Martina Benku 13, 953 01 Zlate Moravce, Slovakia

Supervisory authority: Slovak Trade Inspection.
Customer may claim a CLIENT ZONE Complaint form or submit a complaint through of the client's ticketing system.

Support for web pages

Supervisory authority: Slovak Trade Inspection.
Customer may claim a CLIENT ZONE Complaint form or submit a complaint through of the client's ticketing system.

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