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Príklad web aplikácie rezervačného systému

Website for hotels and guesthouses

Rating: 3/5
Creating a website for hotels and guesthouses.
Manufacturer: holdysoftware
1440,00 €
Sales price without tax 1200,00 €
Tax amount 240,00 €
DPH 20%
Doplnkové služby (ceny v tejto časti sú uvedené bez DPH) | Additional services
Ak potrebujete doménu:
Doména SK (+11,00 €)
Ak potrebujete hostingovú službu:
Hosting (+57,50 €)
Ak potrebujete optimalizáciu pre Google:
SEO (+291,60 €)
Jazyková mutácia(pre európske jazyky) (+100,00 €)
Platobná brána (+100,00 €)

Website for hotels and guesthouses

The web can be managed from different levels. Administrator (tracking the portal) and in the reception (reception) of the accommodation requirements recorded by the site's website. Managing such a site is not demanding, and after understanding the basic principle of administration, any employee of a hotel or a guest can work with the Internet.

Web site creation service for a hotel or guesthouse store includes

  • A CMS Joomla Web application that will allow you to manage this web page from the administration interface in a modern way
  • Web application for booking accommodation
  • Responsive commercial design web site with modern internet technologies with great presentation capabilities
  • Basic SEO Service
  • Advertising system
  • Payment ONLINE plugins of selected Slovak and foreign banks for ONLINE payment of accommodation
  • Connectivity to social networks

Web site functionality

  • An unlimited number of accommodation capacities can be added to the system
  • Multi-language web (SK, CZ, GB, DE ... at extra charge)
  • Multimedia interface (for audio and video)
  • Social connection (at extra cost)
  • Possible definition of any types of documents for publication (news, press releases, catalog, products, discounts, events, events)
  • Simple system extensions with additional components, modules, and plugins to extend the presentation capabilities of the site directly to web site traffic
  • Different levels of access to website content (client zone and so on)
  • The system is technically ready for SEO optimization
  • Access and edit the source code
  • Time content publishing (for example, expiration after a defined date, archive, etc.)
  • Search Full Text Search mechanism
  • Partition the system functionality into modules
  • Advertising banner system and partner text ad
  • Create encrypted access to site content

What we offer

Web sites for news servers, corporate websites, club websites, online stores, web sites for organizations, web cities and municipalities. We create new and modernize obsolete web pages. We program components, plugins, and modules for CMS Joomla. Our team.


mail e-mail holdysoftware
Business name: Ing.Ondrej Holdy holdysoftware
ID: 41777140,  VAT: SK1071879072
Address: Stredanska 2778, 955 03 Topolcany, Slovakia

Supervisory authority: Slovak Trade Inspection.
Customer may claim a CLIENT ZONE Complaint form or submit a complaint through of the client's ticketing system.

Support for web pages

holdysoftware team

Ing.Ondrej Holdy
Dipl.Ing.Ondrej Holdy
+421 949 754 270
speak only in Slovak
holdysoftware (click me)

Supervisory authority: Slovak Trade Inspection.
Customer may claim a CLIENT ZONE Complaint form or submit a complaint through of the client's ticketing system.

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