Odpočet DPH pre VirtueMartOdpočet DPH pre VirtueMart
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VAT deduction for VirtueMart 3

Rating: 5/5
Plugin will check the VAT ID of the customer's purchaser and then we will deduct VAT according to the Directive 2006/112 / EC from the total price of the order.
59,00 €
Sales price without tax 49,17 €
Tax amount 9,83 €
DPH 20%
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Podpora a dostupnosť aktualizácií (Support and availability of updates) Kupujete si podporu pre tento produkt s obdobím pre UpDate od dátumu nákupu. Po realizácii platby, náš systém automaticky zašle na Váš e-mail odkaz pre stiahnutie súboru.

Plugin tracking VAT ID to buyer's client for the resulting VAT deduction under EU Directive 2006/112 / EC for E-SHOP on VirtueMart

VAT ID VirtueMart
v.3.2, VirtueMart 3.x,
CMS Joomla 3.x.

The VAT deduction plug-in can check ONLINE your customer's VAT ID of your client VIES – check the validity of VAT ID And then subtract the VAT value from the resulting order price. VAT deductions apply only to countries within the EU, to business entities that are registered for VAT in their home country. Thus, if a Slovak businessman registered for VAT in Slovakia sells goods through VirtueMart, which is ordered for example by a business entity registered for VAT in Italy, the buyer is automatically entitled to deduct VAT. In order to avoid additional communication between the merchant and the buyer in order to deduct VAT, the plugin, after verifying the data from the central VAT register, automatically deducts the amount of VAT from the total purchase price and the final order price is displayed (and stored in the system without VAT). This plugin will mainly be used by those entrepreneurs who, for example, sell goods with ONLINE payments, which would have to be refunded after the ONLINE payments were made to buyers registered in another EU country. Plugin works easily and securely. For business entities registered for VAT in the same country where the E-SHOP operator is registered, the plugin will not allow you to deduct VAT. The same applies if the buyer (entrepreneur) does not belong (not registered for VAT) to a member state of the EU.

Plugin language versions: SK, CZ, GB

The payment plugin has an interface for automatic update from Joomla administration. In this way, we provide customers who have purchased this product in the future automatically and free of charge to update to the latest versions. This plugin is licensed GNU/GPL.

Plugin technical parameters

The plug-in must be installed through the CMS Joomla 3 installation interface and then go through the Joomla CMS administration to plug-ins and look for a newly installed plug-in called VM VAT EU Order Checker. The only thing you set up in the plug-in is the country in which you, as a trader registered as a VAT payer. Activate and save the plugin. The entire ordering process does not differ from the classic order in VirtueMart. The customer places the goods in the basket, displays the basket of goods with the corresponding price of the goods and the value of the VAT. The customer fills in his billing information, chooses the transport and the payment method. The Virtuemart system continues to work in a familiar way, so it saves all the data about the client and displays the shopping cart in the last step (that is, if you do not use a one-step shopping cart in which everything is done in just one step) where the final order is to be confirmed. The customer still displays the final cost of the order with VAT. After confirmation of the order and redirection to the selected form of payment, VirtueMart verifies ONLINE in the central VAT register or is actually a VAT registered customer in another member country and if the verification result is positive, the plugin deducts the resulting VAT from the resulting order price It stores it in the system. If the client makes an ONLINE payment, he / she will pay the resulting order price without VAT. For example, if it is OFFLINE by bank transfer or in the form of a cash on delivery, it will be displayed in the final part of the E-SHOP system indicating that its VAT data has been verified in the central register and that it was deducted under Directive 2006/112 / EC from Of the resulting order value is VAT

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