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Take advantage of our services. We offer this service to all interested people who want to upgrade their website and go to the CMS Joomla!

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Webmaster services

Guaranteed service. We offer the service for all Joomla CMS sites!

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Optimizing Joomla

Do you think you are not visible enough?

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Need to optimize your website for Google?

Do you have a web page, you have been on the internet for months or years, and do you think that despite this fact you are not quite visible and many people still do not know you exist? I will attack you, I need you SEO optimization. How to do it? Do you want to increase your site's rating? And do not you know how to change it? You need qualitySEO a W3C optimization Of your website to find you in Google at all times?

No expert to debug SEO and W3C optimization will know the algorithm of the results ranking

In any way, the optimizer tries to better optimize your site, it does not know the algorithm of ranking the results (not to mention that the algorithm is still evolving and changing - and there is no chance to influence it externally.) If you try to deceive it For these practices, the search engine penalized and the penalty means a rapid fall in the popularity ranking). A good SEO company, therefore, with its efforts, knowledge and experience can only guarantee compliance with standards (and procedures) SEO optimization. Companies that promise placement at the top of the list are just mistaking clients. No SEO expert can guarantee placement in the top ten to any keyword in any search engine. This is a trick that is used to earn good earnings with minimal effort. Thorough optimization takes a lot of time and effort (like a few weeks to months) and there is no recipe for quick success, because it sometimes combines "client ideas," keywords with web content is not a simple process.

Now you are sure to ask - no one is able to guarantee anything and everyone wants to optimize the money. Where do I guarantee that this is not a loss-making investment for me?

The answer is simple. Everything is measurable and everything can be properly evaluated. This is also true of SEO.After optimization, a good company will offer you the opportunity to review how and how the service was performed. This fact can be checked on independent SEO testing servers, such as seoservis.cz or voorank.com or other world-renowned sites, and you know what you are doing.

And what do we offer from SEO and W3C optimization?

Quality SEO Service with Point Rating Over 90 points out of 100. The result of our work can then be checked on an independent serverseoservis.cz. And that's not all. As good quality SEO optimization is a long-term process, you will get your SEO care for your site within 2 months to move from your current position to GOOGLE do jej prvej desiatky v závislosti od zadaných kľúčových slov. Upozorňujeme, že nikomu nemôžeme garantovať  poradie vo vyhľadávačoch, ale urobíme všetko čo je v našich silách, aby váš web dosiahol čo možno na najvyššej priečky. Pokiaľ chcete byť bez ohľadu na SEO na prTo its first tile depending on the keywords you entered. Please note that we can not guarantee search engine rankings for anyone, but we will do our best to make your site reach the top of the page. If you want to be in the first place regardless of SEO - it is possible to achieve this report in the form of a paid advertisement through PayPerClick .We can also provide you with this service in full.

Do not you think it can work? So check the holdysoftware on Google for our keywords:

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modernizácia web stránky
SEO a W3C optimalizácia
služby webmastera

Slovak web applications for CMS Joomla

  • WhatsApp Chat Widget Joomla
    12,00 €

    Module for the Joomla 3,4 and 5 system, enabling client communication via WhatsApp Chat with your selected employees.

  • PayBySquare Joomla
    24,00 €

    PAY by square is the standard for payment QR code. It allows you to receive payments with this QR code in the entire network of banks. We have prepared a plugin for you that can be implemented for your website with CMS Joomla 3 or Joomla 4.

  • Website traffic statistics with CMS Joomla 4
    74,00 €

    A system for measuring the traffic of your website (if your website is built on the CMS Joomla technology) directly in the CMS Joomla environment. If you find the use of third-party applications (such as Google Analytics) too complicated to measure the traffic of your website you need to know (and if you expressly do not need extensive analysis, conversion services for the purpose of Internet advertising - and your website is not specifically focused on a commercial level - for example, E-SHOP), or you do not want a third party to "explicitly monitor and analyze your traffic" this is a way to quickly, easily and sufficiently dispose of information about the traffic of your own website.

  • office_board_invoice_edit7
    360,00 €

    The component allows you to publish contracts, invoices and orders on the website with Joomla CMS system.

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Supervisory authority: Slovak Trade Inspection.
Customer may claim a CLIENT ZONE Complaint form or submit a complaint through of the client's ticketing system.

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