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Webmaster services

Rating: 5/5
If you need a person who will take care of your site.
Manufacturer: holdysoftware
15,00 €
Sales price without tax 12,50 €
Tax amount 2,50 €
DPH 20%
Webmaster Ak si chcete objednať danú službu, vyberte si prosím hodnotu úhrady. Za príslušný poplatok získate stanovený počet kreditov. Platba sa uskutočňuje ON LINE a služba je následne poskytovaná až po úhrade.

Pri výbere kreditov platí, čím väčší počet kreditov zakúpite, tým vyššia zľava a teda tým nižšia cena v prepočte za jeden kredit.

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Are you looking for the administrator of your website?

Comprehensive web site management (site administration) from the webmaster position on the Joomla platform

We offer management services for a Joomla-based site. We will keep you running web pages regularly, security updates, hosting service management, database maintenance, updating of content information on the web.

What do you get?

How do we provide a webmaster service?

The webmaster service is always available on weekdays from 08:00 to 20:00, and at extra costs during weekends and holidays. All requested requests are executed on the day of their receipt (no later than 23:00 of the day). We are now urgent to implement the request immediately (at extra cost). Credits are retired from the client's credit account for the implementation of the relevant service, which was sent to us by e-mail, or announced by phone or SMS on that day. The requirements you apply for will be fulfilled. The standard credit services pricing list is listed in the following table. If your request is not in the general price list, the amount of credit deduction is determined by the bid.The credit value is the scope of the service provided within 60 minutes.This means that if you enter a task for example to insert text, pictures, tables, and the range will be within one hour, 5 credits will be deducted from the credit account. If the range of assets is larger than the execution time within one hour, another 5 credits will be deducted for another hour. If the service will run within 2 hours, you will deduct a total of 10 credits.

With global web hosting services as such (maintaining software in the current state, regular implementation (UpDate) Is being realized throughout the year. The customer can then ONLINE over his / her credit account track down when and what services he / she made for his / her benefit in the given calendar year. The service is provided on a continuous basis (provided sufficient credit is available on the client's credit account) without requiring such pre-ordering (we are talking about the global uninterrupted care of the client's site system for 365 days a year).

Creditystelling for standing clients



(within 60 minutes)

  • Consultancy, consultation (Print Screen help ...), SKYPE training
  • Inserting texts, pictures, spreadsheets, or updates (from materials supplied in electronic form)
  • System UpDate,,keeping web page software up-to-date



(within 60 minutes)

  • Editing Site Structure (CSS or Graphical Web Part)
  • Install a new web app and set it up
  • Third Party CMS Joomla (Components, Modules, Plugins)



(within 60 minutest)

  • Editing databases, database cleaning, database optimization
  • Implement and archive web site backups
  • Hosting services
  • Consultancy and analysis



(within 60 minutest)

  • Troubleshoot web app issues
  • Programmer services
  • Web site remove malware services
  • Audit services

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