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Web site for businesses

Rating: 4/5
Creating a website of a type of business website.
Manufacturer: holdysoftware
600,00 €
Sales price without tax 500,00 €
Tax amount 100,00 €
DPH 20%
Doplnkové služby (ceny v tejto časti sú uvedené bez DPH) | Additional services
Ak potrebujete doménu:
Doména SK (+11,00 €)
Ak potrebujete hostingovú službu:
Hosting (+57,50 €)
Ak potrebujete optimalizáciu pre Google:
SEO (+291,60 €)
Jazyková mutácia(pre európske jazyky) (+100,00 €)

Web site for businesses

We offer the creation of a new website for businesses and business companies. The benefits of our solution are to dynamically display the information on the web as you need it and independent of the holdysoftware after you set up a website because the website can then manage and update the system software completely by yourself. You can update the content without having to control the programming issue. Work is not complicated and reminds (using the web interface) work in a text editor (MS WORD, or OpenOffice).

Just insert text, spreadsheets, and photos in those places where you need it. You can expand the websitThis way you can save considerable investments in the future.e you create in the future in any way because it is built on a modular basis. You can get add-ons from our offer of web apps or buy them or get them for free (depending on the current offer) in Joomla Community.

The corporate website is the main visual communication and marketing tool for every business. Just according to websites, customers decide to buy your products or services. The customer expects information from the business website. It is therefore important that the corporate website has the information that visitors should take on the site. And it's all right to combine it with the graphic design of the site.

Web site creation service for your business

Web site functionality for the business

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